10000 SOTA Chaser Points

VK2IO_SuperSlothWhile activating Mt Tomah on 8/3/2015, a summit-to-summit radio contact with David VK3MAY on Mt Lonarch VK3/VS-013 took my chaser score past 10000 points. It makes me the fourth VK to reach Supersloth status and the first outside VK3. It took 1941 contacts over 480 days or just under 1 year and 4 months to reach this milestone. Curiously, it took exactly the same number of days to go from 5000 to 10000 points as it did to achieve the first 5000 points. The graph below shows the rate at which chaser points accumulated. The rate is pretty steady at just under 21 pts/day.


What has improved is my ratio of chaser to activator points. At 5000 chaser points my ratio was over 100:1 but now with more focus on activating, the ratio is down to 34 – a lot more respectable!

Thank you to all the activators for making this award possible. I’m still having fun chasing summits and looking forward to the next 10000. Did someone mention SOTA is addictive?

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