5000 Chaser Points

In a contact with Andrew VK1DA on Mt Delegate, my chaser score ticked past the 5000 point mark. It took 240 days or just under 8 months to accumulate the points. I’ve now received the wallpaper from the SOTA Awards Manager marking me as half a super-sloth. Thanks Andrew and all the activators for making those contacts possible!

After reaching this award level, I looked at my chaser points and realised there was a ratio of 100:1 between chaser and activator points. A bit shocked by that; I really need to put the effort into doing more activations!

Anyway, 9 days later in a contact with Ian VK1DI on Mt Gillamatong, I clocked up 1000 SOTA contacts. There are no official awards based on contact counts, but this milestone seemed noteworthy as well.

Looking forward to the next 5000 chaser points…