SSTV from VK3ASC/P on VK3/VE-129

Sunday afternoon 15 Jun 2014: Mark VK3ASC came up on 20m and I was able to work him on SSB over a distance of only 413km. After that he went to 40m and started sending on SSTV. Nothing was heard for a while and then Matt VK2DAG mentioned he was actually sending on USB. Normally SSTV is sent on the regular sideband used for voice. Anyway, after a re-send, I caught my first picture from Mark on Mt Lawson VK3/VE-129 using MMSSTV. After that he moved to 30m and sent it again, but I could no longer copy, even though 20m worked fine 40 mins earlier. The wonders of HF propagation!

Thanks for sending a picture from another summit, Mark!

Mt Lawson VK3/VE-129  via 40m SSTV

Mt Lawson VK3/VE-129 via 40m SSTV